The Wind Continues

The Wind Continues to sway tall pines, maples, and birch, sometimes precariously. Branches fall, littering what is left of the snow with sticks, green and brown needles, and brown leaves. Sun is out strong and warm, His heat tempered by cold Air. Sky is blue with puffy white clouds racing each other to different parts of Earth.

The Wind Continues to make an androgenous sound, nearby and far away. Chimes chime loud and faint. Leaves rustle as do papers on my desk for I have opened the window to let Wind’s androgeny in.

Wind, a combination of male and female, of light and dark, of Spring and Winter, Summer and Fall. Of Goddess and God, beneficial and destructive. Wind, that which blows away the good and bad. Wind intermingles what should and should not be.

To come back as the breath of Earth is the highest divinity I wish for.

Wind, always powerful, even when a breeze.

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