The Winds of Change

Winter and Spring are having on hell of a blowout. Winter is attempting to maintain his grasp with fierce winds, cold temps, grey skies and bits of snow. Spring is blowing her wind, warm and soothing, warm temps, bright skies and bits of rain.

I went outside and faced the elements. This innovation is entitled The Wind of March, but I don’t think the seasons know the months by name and date.

The Wind of March brings with it hope and the fresh smell of soft brown Earth. Let the March Wind purify your body and mind by performing this healing Wind Spell.

Go outdoors to a secluded spot on a windy day.
Hear the wind rushing through the trees.
See last years dead leaves being tossed about.

Facing East, Breathe deeply and Spread your arms as if you can fly. Feel the emotional baggage you have been carrying around with you being Blown away by the wind. Now ask the Four Winds for their special help

East: Bring me positive change
South: Bring me warmth and comfort
West: Bring me emotional balance
North: le me understand the mysteries

Thank each direction when you are done. Now you can face Spring with a fresh attitude.

~James Kambos, Llewellyn and Granny Moon’s Morning Feast

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