The Winds of March

The Winds of March bring hope and the fresh smell of soft brown Earth. Let the March Wind purify your body and mind by performing this healing wind spell.

Go outdoors to a secluded spot on a windy day. Take off your top and allow your breasts and nipples to feel Wind.

Hear the wind rushing through the trees.

See last years dead leaves being tossed about.

Facing East, breathe deeply and spread your arms as if you can fly. Feel all the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying around be blown away by Wind. Now ask the Four Winds for their special help:

East: Bring me positive change
South: Bring me warmth and comfort
West: Bring me emotional balance
North: let me understand the mysteries.

Thank each direction. Now you can face spring with a fresh attitude.

~James Kambos in Llewellyn and Granny Moon’s Morning Feast.

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