We filled the garden bed up with clean fill which came from the Boscawen prison. The state sold it to someone who was selling it to the general public for $26.99/yard. We bought two. As soon as it was put into the bed, Francesca and Harley jumped in it and enjoyed digging around. Thankfully there was nothing planted in it.


The other day I saw a print that could not belong to either of my cats as it was bigger than their paws, so I think it may have been a racoon; the Manly Man thinks it may have been a fox. Wolf decided to make a chicken wire fence to go around the bed. He had some idea that worked well in his head, but not in reality. I thought he would build the fence out about three feet with a gate on it so we could get in and out, but he wanted to put it on stake and just slide it up and off when we wanted to get in. I didn’t think the idea would work.


Francesca provided the positive proof that it wouldn’t work so Wolf is going to build a fence around it like I suggested. He has three weekends to do it before the plants go into the ground. Actually, two weekends as the 13th is my graduation and the 20th is my graduation party. We also finished planting all the seeds into small containers on Saturday.

Red bell peppers
Cayene peppers

Playing in the dirt has left me with a wicked allergy head. I just don’t feel good today and it’s getting worse as each minute passes. The rain we got last week–well, two weeks ago–did little good. It wasn’t enough to wet everything down. We need a solid week of misty rain. If it rains to hard the topsoil will be all washed away. Generally I don’t like to do weather spells because one needs to be perfectly balanced to so as to not get too much of whatever one is spelling for, but I think I’ll have to chance it and do a rain spell as we’ve had so little.

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2 Responses to Fence

  1. Steph says:

    A raccoon print looks rather like a hand with claw marks at the top of each toe mark (of which they have 5), a fox is like a cat print with little claw marks at the top of each toe (they have 4).

  2. Howling Hill says:

    I didn’t realize that racoons had five until I looked in the book. Wolf was the one who picked out the fox.

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