It’s supposed to rain today, which is a good thing. We’ve had the driest spring I can ever remember. And it’s already gotten hot out.

The clouds are coming in, thick and white/grey. Hopefully it’ll wash away whatever has put my allergies into high gear…I’m pretty miserable.

The azaleas are getting ready to bloom. The bright pink is a welcome color against the brown and green of New England, however, I’m going to be digging all four of them up next weekend. Three are going to Michelle’s and one we’re planting in a different part of the yard so we can put in a new window in our bedroom.

It’s blackfly season. Wolf won’t have to eat dinner tonight, he’ll have injested enough of them to fill his belly and get his needed daily protein intake. He’s outside shoveling the manure out of Old Bessie (our pickup truck) and putting a pile next to the garden bed. He’s going to dig out some of the soil in the bed and put it in the front of the trailer so I can transplant the Four o’clocks, Chinese , and the Eastern Columbine into some good soil. Hopefully he’ll get it done before the rain, but I’m not sure if he will. No biggie if he doesn’t.

It’s been warm enough at night so we can leave the plants outside to get needed moonlight and extended daylight. The sunflowers are doing well, but the peppers, tomatoes, and other veggies haven’t come up through the soil in the cellpacks. I’m getting kinda nervous…

Pictures another day.

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