Everything has greened up quite nicely due to the five days of rain we’ve had, however, now there is flooding because of the sudden increase of water. Some towns have been closed completely, some have had mandatory evacuations, and roads all over the state have been closed. We got the average monthly rainfall in one day.

These two pictures were taken last week. I forgot to put them up as I was readying for my graduation. By now, the azeleas and tulips have all opened.




Azelea The azeleas are being taken out later this week and brought down to a friend’s house. I’m not one for manicuring plants and I find that’s what you have to do with these. Because I haven’t trimmed them, they’re taking over the front of the house so they’re being moved to Massachusetts. I will fill in the front of the house with more tulips, daffadols, crocuses, and other small pernineal flowers.

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3 Responses to Wet

  1. Wolf says:

    Actually, it was 2 and half months worth of average rainfall in a day-and-a-half.

  2. peppylady says:

    Nice tulips. Mine just finishing up. I don’t have any azeleas

  3. Howling Hill says:

    They are beautiful. Of the 8 or so that popped up out of the ground, only two had flowers. This was the only one that bloomed.

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