Sun came out for a while this morning. A beautiful blue sky greeted me when I awoke. Alas, the clouds are moving back in and I fear more rain will come.

We had record rain in the last month. We got more in the last week than in the last two months. So much rain fell from the sky a new record was set. Most of the rivers crested, towns were shut down, and so were roads. It was ark building weather.

I fear the seeds did not last. I’m not sure we’re going to have any crop come summer. I still have seed packages so I will plant those in the ground, but the soil doesn’t appear to want to play host. I did plant some sprouted seeds in cell packs and used the soil from Boscawen, the same soil in the garden beds, but none seem to be coming through the dirt. Well, the catnip appears to be. No peppers, no tomatoes, no cayennes.

I’m a terrible farmerette.

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