An intense thunderstorm raged through the area about 6p last night, complete with hail the size of black eyed peas. One tomato plant was lost, along with one sunflower and one bean. The parsley doesn’t look very happy but I think it’ll be ok in the end.

The garden is doing quite well otherwise. The beans, melons, potatoes, and carrots are all coming in nicely. There is one cucumber plant that has flowered (it doesn’t look very happy since the hail last night) and the tomatoes are growing up tall and strong. The herbs are doing well although the oregano seed I planted is not coming up however, the basil seeds are. The catnip got pounced on by someone and it’s struggling to come back but I think it will now that the weather has turned to summer, humidity and all.


Taken a few days ago, before the hail

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