Is it Time to Eat Yet?

Before we get started I have to say this: this version of WordPress sucks. This is now the third time I’m reposting because WP keeps adding commands that I’m not adding, thus, screwing up the post. It’s beyond frustrating.

We had a fierce thunderstorm come through yesterday and, although we needed the rain, it came down so hard it flattened some of the plants.

You can see in the upper left corner of the picture where the carrots seemed to have escaped flattening. Or they perked back up. I hope the same for those flattened.

The potatoes are slouching since the rain. I do hope they perk back up, or at the very least, flower in their present state.


Next year we plan on planting more varieties of potatoes, including sweet and yukon gold

The only not-so-fantastic garden news is the eggplant. No flowers have been seen, and as you can tell, something is getting a belly full.


Save some for us!

The pumpkins are getting ready to flower. I accidently grabbed pumpkin plants when I was at the plant store. These were sitting next to the acorn squash which is what I wanted to plant.

At least now I’ll have gourd like pumpkins at Samhain

The tomatos are also coming along. Of the thirty or so plants in the ground, I hope more than two flower and produce fruit.

There’s a couple different varieties in the ground but I don’t know which this one is. I love these kind of surprises!

The marigolds I planted from seed in and around the tomatoes. Papa told me the reason to do is is to keep bugs off the tomatoes (maybe I should plant some near the eggplant next year…) Tomatoes and marigolds always remind my of Papa.

I love the bright colors of marigolds.

The bush beans are doing very well. There are small white flowers all over the plants. They too got a little flattened during the rain storm, but they seem to be no worse off.


Note to self: bush beans take over. Give them their own bed next year

The herbs are all doing pretty well. This is basil I started from seed (ignore the weed to the left). You can see little baby basils coming up next to this one.


Just behind it you can see cilantro and curley parsley.

What’s doing the best, though, is the cucumbers. Cucumbers are another item that remind me of Papa. Every year he would grow beautiful cucumbers and tomatos, eggplants too but we never ate any ‘cuz we’re not eggplant people. Wolf is though, which is why I planted some.


I planted two different varieties of cucumber and I’m not sure which one this is. Hopefully it’s the pickling one. But that means I need to learn to pickle, can, and jar.

Now for this weeks mystery. I find these all over the yard, mostly by the oak tree.


Is it an egg?


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