It’s autumn in Central New Hampshire.

I can so totally see why the Celts believed Lammas was the first day of fall. I’ve been in denial about the weather change but now I can’t help but notice. This morning I got up not because my alarm went off (it did) but because it was so cold in bed after Wolf removed his warm and furry body that I was shivering. No more sleeping naked for me!

Jaxsun and I took morning walk together and I had to put on a sweatshirt and my boots, not a tshirt and sneakers. I could see my breath and his. Sun is just starting to weaken and lose his luster. There are less birds making noise in the morning. I see more prints in the dirt telling me that Earth’s critters are moving around more than just a few weeks ago. The bugs are less annoying than before. Temps are dropping into the 40s at night.

Yep, it’s autumn in Central New Hampshire.

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