Autumn has come to Central New Hampshire. I’ve been ignoring the signs, but I can’t any longer. The heavy blankets are on the bed, the trees are starting to turn, Sun is less and less each day, the candidate signs litter the roadways.

Our garden gave us two cucumbers, a bunch of green tomatoes, a few small potatoes, and lots of green beans. The herbs did ok, but not all of them: the basil, chamomile, and um, something else just didn’t do well. The sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and catnip did ok. I have to harvest and dry them for the winter.

The wild blackberries around our house came in abundance so I picked as many as I could. We have probably two pounds in the freezer to this winter. I had hoped to get the equipment to can (and the lessons on how to) so I could preserve the blackberries and some blueberries but the funds just weren’t there. Maybe next year.

The wheel turns, autumn is here. Soon snow will come.

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