Coming to an End

I pulled up most of the garden today. Gone are the bush beans, melons, most of the tomatoes (except those which still have fruit on them, I’m hoping they’ll redden up), many of the dead marigolds, cucumbers (which Wolf seeded) and all the herbs which are now drying around the house. What I left was, as stated, tomatoes, carrots, sunflowers. Last night I pulled the remainder of the potatoes up, and although small, they are tasty.

Wolf will mulch the garden and then we’ll plant the garlic for next year. We’re too late to put the onions in so we’ll have to remember when Mother Earth awakens again.

The garden wasn’t as productive as we would’ve liked. Mostly we need to take down some trees so we get more sun into the yard. And global warming needs to end. This year we had a dry April, killing frost, a very wet May, and low temperatures throughout the summer. Hopefully next year we’ll do better.

Thank you Mother Earth for what you did give. And for teaching us that growing food is much more difficult than anticipated. We have much more appreciation for our ancestors now.

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