The seeds order from Victory Seeds came in the other day.

Bell Pepper California Wonder
Hot Pepper Cayenne Long Red
Carrot Gold King
German Chamomile
Corn Rainbow Indian Corn
Cucumber West Indian Gherkin
Cucumber Delikatesse
Dill Bouquet
Love in a Puff Balloon Vine *
Onion Ringmaster
Pole Bean Romano Italian Flat
Pumpkin Conneticut Field
Squash Cocozelle
Squash Dark Green Zucchini
Sunflower Evening Star *
Sunflower Giant Grey Stripe
Spinach New Zealand
Sweet Basil
Garden Thyme
Tomato Napoli
Tomato Brandywine Yellow
Tomato Abraham Lincoln
Tomato Black Cherry
Turnip Purple Top White Globe

*Not from Victory Seeds.

More seeds should be coming in from Peppylady sometime soon. She reported the seeds from the seed exchange came to her earlier this week. I can’t wait to see my surprises.

Speaking of surprises, I have no idea what wormwood is and why I ordered it. Anyone?

I’m on Spring Break right now so later in the week I’ll be going over my books to see what needs to be sprouted and what doesn’t. Hopefully we’ll get more of a harvest than we did last year. Of course that means all this snow has to melt.

Mud Season Cometh!

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2 Responses to Seeds

  1. Autumn says:

    I found a lot of information for you on wormwood at this url
    Hope that helps

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