More Seeds

Seeds from the seed exchange came in today. The seeds I have to plant are:

Basil: Sweet
Bean: Pole, Romano
Chamomile: German
Corn: Rainbow
Cucumber: Delikatesse
Cucumber: West Indian Gherkin
Cucumber: some sort of pickling kind
Forget Me Nots
Gladiolas (two different colors)
Lace in Mist
Morning Glories
Onion: Ringmaster
Pea: shell
Pepper: Hot Red Cayenne, Long Red
Pepper: Bell California Wonder
Pepper: Bell mix
Pepper: I don’t know (I wrote on the slip pepper of some sort)
Pepper: Red Bell
Sage: Garden (from Michelle‘s garden)
Spinach: Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach
Spinach: New Zealand
Squash: Dark Green Zucchini
Sweet William
Sunflower: Unknown
Sunflower: Teddy bear
Sunflower: Evening Sun
Sunflower: Grey Stripe
Garden Thyme
Tomato: Black Cherry
Tomato: Brandywine Yellow
Tomato: Napoli
Tomato: Peacevine Cherry
Turnip: Purple Top, White Globe
Wildflower blend (2)
Something Milly gave me that I can’t remember what it is. I know it’s a flower though.
Something else Peppy gave me, but she doesn’t know what it is.

And still more seeds will be coming in from High Mowing Seeds. Think I went overboard?

(Yea. I did.)

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