We went to H0me Dep0t and bought two wooden pots; three clay pots; a buttload of peat cells; raspberry and blueberry bushes. We were going to buy soil, but they only carried scary soil: Scotts and MiracleGro so we skipped the soil. Wolf thought we had some here, but we don’t so we went up to Parkhurst, but they had no soil at all. I’ve got all these seedlings that need potting and no soil!

Today was warm and sunny. We went down to Old Hill with The Pooch and took a nice walk. I was able to take my shirt off and go barebreasted for a while. My skin felt so alive under Sun’s warmth.

I hear rain is coming. Hopefully it’ll get rid of the snow. While the earth is bare in most patches, our yard and other sunless places still have snow and frozen earth. Nana did say she was getting snow on Thursday, but I plan on ignoring such a statement.

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