Drying Out

It rained for the last five days, rain we really needed, but now it’s starting to dry out. Sun has returned from his vacation to warm us up and dry us out.

I got the potatoes and spinach in the ground a couple weeks ago. On Thursday I got the cabbage, more spinach, carrots, zucchini, summer squash, peas, turnips into the ground and I planted some catnip seed, and a couple more cloves of garlic. I still have two different types of beans to plant and some pumpkins, but Wolf needs to build me a new garden bed. I’m going to have to buy peppers and tomatoes already started because the seeds I sprouted just didn’t make it. Will I never be able to grow tomatoes and peppers?

Also on Thursday I planted some of the flowers. Around one tree is the morning glories and some forget-me-nots and around the other tree is the love in a puff and something else, I forget. I deliberately kept the two viney plants on different trees.

Byron’s Septic came and pumped us out this morning so there’s a lovely shit smell hanging over the yard. It had been 2.5 years and it was needed so I’m not complaining (a lot).

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