Coming Up Nicely

In the first garden bed, closest to the house I have potatoes, cabbage, and spinach planted. The spinach is not doing fab, an entire row doesn’t seem to be growing, but the potatoes and cabbage are doing fine.

In the second garden bed, next to the first, I have one row of Napoli tomotoes which seem to be doing fine. Then there’s a big open space and next is peas (doing so-so) and then turnips which seem to be doing ok.

The third bed has carrots (not doing anything) and zucchini and squash planted. They all seem to be doing fine.

In one wooden pot I have catnip which is growing very slowly. In one bucket have onions which seem to be fine and the other bucket is some more turnips, which are doing fine. Then I have chives in a pot.

There are sunflowers which need to be planted, but I need soil to do so. I also have a bunch of different beans which desire a garden, not seed pods, but I need another bed. I think Wolf is out there working on it now. Hopefully.

The cukes are planted next to the tomatoes and in the wooden bucket which was meant for basil. I’ll probably have to move those plants, but they can stay there for the time being.

I need a 10 acre yard with lots of sun.

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