VI Spades

Continuing on my journey to acquaint myself with my new deck, I pulled from the tarot deck the VI of Spades (inverted).

The book which accompanies the deck says

Dependency, little health. Tears and cholera.
Exit, journey change of direction.
Reverse: desperation and delay

Aeclectic Tarot states spades (swords) are: AIR.

AIR though some decks have it as Fire. If AIR then: Represents pure mind, thinking, speaking.

Best known for representing problems and troubles especially those relating to communications or bad press, but really about anything to do with either words and/or thoughts. Brilliant thoughts as well as nightmares; sharp ideas or a sharp tongue. This is the card of scientists and analysts of thinking things though or thinking/saying too much. Ideas breeze into your mind, words are given breath, written letters and messages fly on the wind.

Sixes are explained as:

A boat of swords being ferried across a river with a woman as passenger. The classic Rider-Waite meaning is that one is leaving difficulties behind. A trip or change of scene may be the answer to restoring balance here. But there is more to it than this. In relation to the mind, ideas and words of the sword suit, this is also about finding a solution to math problems and brain twisters, not just troubles. The ferryman may signal help here, a silent partner (a reference book or internet website perhaps?) who helps you row your way toward the other shore…and THERE is the answer, a way to make your idea, your argument, your formula work smoothly, perfectly, beautifully. Also, of course, a card about trips by boat.

The basic principles I get out of the six of swords is: distancing and leaving problems behind.

Focusing first on distancing, when I look at my life from a third party perspective, what I see is one who has distanced them self from family, the workforce, and humanity in general. I have worked hard to eliminate the people in my life who bring me nothing but pain and toxicity. This includes distancing myself from many people whom I love and care about, and also includes the workforce as a whole. Working with people who care more about money than the important things in life becomes very tedious. There is barely a conversation that doesn’t revolve around money: having it or not having it.

Leaving problems behind

This is an area I certainly need to work on. I carry all my problems with me at all times. Never are they far from the surface, rarely am I able to keep them to myself. I’ve not been able to progress in my mental and physical health because I still have all this baggage which adds to my depression and anxiety. As much as I do not like carrying around all this extra weight, it’s comforting to do so. There has never been a time when I didn’t need it as a protection (and I’m not just talking about my physical weight, I’m also talking about my emotional and mental weight), when it didn’t exist. I am so afraid of forgetting something that I squirrel away all these negative emotions because they are the only ones I have. Happiness is fleeting, so is contentment. My negative side takes over and says “now now, don’t get to comfortable. Shit will hit the fan and your life will suck again” and it always does. My prophecies to live a crap life always come true because I make them come true. So I must learn to distance myself from my negativity and learn to leave [my] problems behind because they serves no purpose but to make me unhappy, un-likable, and unemployable.

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