There are Christians would consider Easter the biggest Christian day of the year and others who believe Christmas is. My friend’s family is all about Hanukkah, but scarely notices the other Jewish holidays. I am the same way: for me, the Midsummer barely registers on my radar, but others feel the day with the longest light is the most important day on the Wheel of the Year. On the other hand, Samhain, Yule, and Imbolc are the holidays I connect with most.


Back when I was wee, Halloween was my favorite day of the year. Still now Samhain is the period of time I’ve feel most connected to yesteryear. I always feel my deepest spiritual connection at Samhain, a deep longing in my soul for days gone by. I felt this as a kid and could not put it into words.

Yule is a day, or rather a period of time, I’ve had the hardest time celebrating. Being close to Christmas, I feel if I acknowledge Yule, I’m acknowldging Christmas. And Christmas has always been one of the most difficult times of the year for me. Yule is, of course, the shortest day of the year (unlike Midsummer which is the longest) and every Autumn Equinox I have a breakdown about the shortness of the days. By Samhain I’m plotting suicide because winter is around the corner. It’s not the cold and snow so much as it’s the lack of light, the short days, the need for headlights at 4pm.

While Samhain may be the Celtic New Year, for me the New Year is on Imbolc. In my view, birth is new and death is not. Put into context, Spring is birth while Samhain is death.  And while Imbolc maybe confined to Winter, in Ireland it’s not so cold in February as it is in northeastern United States, thus it was the beginning of Spring according to the Celtic Calender. By Imbolc, one can see the days getting longer; once can feel the days getting longer. Old Man Winter and Our Mother participate in some pretty vigerous intercourse during Imbolc, manifested through fierce winter storms which shake the trees and blow the seed around.

So Midsummer slipped past without barely a nod from me. I read with interest the celebrations other Pagan bloggers created, but I just didn’t feel the need to participate. I’m not sure why Midsummer doesn’t resonate with me. Maybe because I can feel the warmth of Summer and see His light. And because I know the days will get shorter until December.

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