Goddess Forgives

The other day I was reading a post from a Pagan which stated she did not have the energy to participate in the Midsummer celebration. A commenter stated the goddess understood why my Pagan friend did not participate in the celebration and She forgave my friend.

It was obvious to me, and any anyone who read the post, my friend was really down in the dumps, and I know the commenter had the best intentions. My friend certainly took the comment the way it was supposed to be taken. It’s not that I’m upset or offended, it’s just I don’t see how come Goddess has to forgive my friend. It seems to me the commenter was patching Christian norms and beliefs onto Paganism.

I don’t see Goddess as a single entity, as one who holds grudges; those ideas are Christian beliefs (Jewish and Muslim also?). We do not have to beg our God for forgiveness, nor ask for it. Pagans, as far as I know, don’t sin so they don’t need to be absolved, wiped clear, or cleaned.

So why is Goddess forgiving us?

This is another topic I’ll have to take up after I put more thought into it. It’s too roughly sketched out to have worth outside my own head. I wanted to get it down before I forgot.

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