Full Moon

A few months back, my spouse aquired a djembe drum. He’s been wanting a drum for a long time. He used to play “regular” drums during his teen years, but stopped because he couldn’t find anyone to “jam” with. And being a shy individual, he wasn’t the type of guy to answer an ad in the paper, so he just stopped playing.

But the rhythm never stopped in his body.

Last night I asked him to play for me. He played a few beats when I gave him this and asked him to create a beat for this:

Greeting to you, gem of night!
Beauty of Sky, gem of night!
Mother of Stars, gem of night!
Foster-child of Sun, gem of night!
Majesty of Stars, gem of night!

We went outside, me with a single candle and him with his drum, and chanted to Moon just as she was rising in the sky. Then we watched for fireflies, although we did not see any.

It was a simple ceremony, one I will continue each full moon. The most enjoyable part was having my spouse participate in ritual with me. He is very slowly embracing Pagan spirituality.

Tonight we go to a more formal ritual over with Silverwolf Sanctuary.

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