Full Bloom

This past week hasn’t been the best week light wise to take pictures (it’s been gray and overcast) but I thought “what the hell.” So here we go:

zucchini 2007 (2)

I thought there was summer squash in here, but it appears to be all zucchini. That’s ok, though. We like zucchini.

Alpine strawberries.

I took this picture a couple weeks ago.

spegitti squash 2007

We had speggiti squash for the first time last year. Wolf wasn’t too fond of it, but I was. I’ll tell ya though, it’s taking over the whole garden. Next year I’ll only plant one seed and in its own bed.

garden july 2007
Looking westish

It’s pretty green and flowering/fruiting/vegetabling all over the place. I am so proud of myself!

Wolf and I sat down about a week or two ago to go over the plans for next years garden. We’ve already mapped it out, but some changes are going to be made depending on what we grow. Really what we need is a bigger yard and less trees.

Oh, how I dream of a farm! Someday soon.

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