Rajan Zed of Hindu Temple of Northern Nevada gave the opening prayer in the Senate on July 12th. At least he attempted to.

The United States IS NOT a Christian nation. It is a nation of many faiths, religions, and belief systems. And while I don’t like the idea of prayer opening any branch of government, I acknowledge the Senate’s attempts to include all faiths in this ritual. Regardless of whether I agree with a religion or not, and regardless of the number of protests I’ve participated in, I would *never* interrupt prayers in the way the Christian “protesters” did on this day. The individuals who did so should be ashamed of themselves: I know I am for them.

Further, I feel CNN’s lack of coverage of the whole prayer spoken by Mr. Zed was rude and disrespectful: they should’ve shown the whole prayer from beginning to end.

Thanks to Islamicate for the heads up.

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