Catnip Catastrophe

I went into the garden this morning to cut some basil when I found the catnip destroyed. At first I thought it was the torrential rain we got yesterday, but after I looked around and saw the rest of the garden was fine, I came to the conclusion a feline broke into the garden and took a bath in the catnip.
Catnip Destruction
It’s flattened and chewed in some places.

Catnip Catastophe
Whomever was in there certainly enjoyed themselves.

The culprit?
Good thing we have a fence around the garden, hu?

I don’t know for sure it was Harley, it could’ve been Bones, the neighbor’s cat, but Harley’s the likely suspect. I know it wasn’t Francesca because she was in with me, and besides, she’s straight-edged kitty and doesn’t do “cat dope.” This is the first year I’ve gotten the catnip to grow and I was really looking forward to a big harvest. Oh well. I did pull it from the bucket and wash it. I have it in the house with me, sans cats, drying. I’ll hang it later today. Next year I’m putting guard dogs around the catnip.

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9 Responses to Catnip Catastrophe

  1. Nimbue says:

    I’m pretty sure that cats and catnip don’t mix. LOL It grows so wild here around my house that all of the strays seem to think i’m the place to go for a good ol’ fix!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Thing is, they DO mix. Too well, I might add!

  3. Sissy Willis says:

    Or you could embrace the idea and plant more . . . I myself buy a live plant from the supermarket every so often. After my cats have had their fill — fun to watch — I put it ouside and enjoy the thought of the pleasure the locals had chewing it down to the stub. Fun post!

  4. Babeth says:

    I have discovered that the only remedy is to plant it in huge amounts. That way some plants may escape the onslaught and whilst they are being ravaged the next time the poor victims of last time can recuperate.

  5. Howling Hill says:

    Fab idea, babeth. Thanks for the advice!

  6. HotMBC says:

    Can’t blame ’em for enjoying the nip! heheheh Nip is YUMMY!

  7. sammawow says:

    Oh, that is funny – guard dogs around the catnip!!!

  8. plum says:

    I grow some catnip in a pot on the patio – it looks like yours does. I also grow some in a hanging basket to cut and dry for the winter months.

  9. Howling Hill says:

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. I don’t blame Harley for getting in there, I blame myself for not making a better fence. But yes, guard dogs I think. Definitely next year, anyways.

    Plum: me too.

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