Garden Update

Today I got back from our week in Maine and found an explosion in the garden.

IMGP3369 copy

Zucchini and pickling cucumbers

IMGP3366 copy

Tabasco pepper (I think)

IMGP3362 copy

Spaghetti squash

IMGP3355 copy


IMGP3360 copy

Grey squirrel running away from Francesca who was running from a hawk.

We’ve heard a hawk around the yard since we got home. One landed right on a tree branch (not the same tree this squirrel is on) but flew away before I had a chance to get the camera. I’m hoping it comes back.

IMGP2851 copy

Engorged tick

About a month ago we found this fat tick on Jaxsun’s belly. Poor pooch, when I took the tick off, I took off a layer of skin.

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