First Time Canning

So I decided today is the day to start canning, something I’ve been planning to do for, oh, about two years now. The reason I hadn’t done it before is because I wanted to take a class on canning, but time and money have always been a factor. I don’t really learn from reading a book, although I like to read, but I figured I’d give it a whirl.

First, it’s messy. Second, it’s hot. Third, I don’t have all the tools necessary.*

Regardless, now it’s boiling away on the stove. I really really really hopes this works out. I’ll keep ya posted.
Maybe I should’ve started with something easier? Or is it all the same?

*I have a pot with a rack, jars, rims, and seal things, but not the grasper thingyamadooey to pick the jars out of the boiling water. Thus, I have many burns.

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