Freezer Chest

Last week, the Glen & Maggie gave us a freezer chest, which now sits in the living room. Although we plugged it in to see if it works, we unplugged it until we have something — or rather a bunch of somethings — go into it. In a few weeks we will. We’re splitting a 1/2 pig with Michelle & Scott. So a 1/4 pig will be in there, along with (hopefully) a bunch of veggies from the garden.

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2 Responses to Freezer Chest

  1. farm mom says:

    Have you boughten a pig before? We bought 1/2 hog and 1/4 beef a few months back. They were heritage breeds and raised on pasture. OMG! Amazing the difference! Even if I had no ethical problems with conventional meat (which of course I do) I would never buy anything else because of the quality and taste.

  2. HH says:

    Farm mom: This is the first time we’ve bought *any* large quantity of meat. I look forward to the bacon, mostly. =)

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