Last week, like Thursday I think, we got a wicked thunderstorm. The sky opened up as the thunder clapped together, allowing blinding lightening to come through. The storm caused a lot of tree damage in the area, resulting in the loss of electricity for about 12 hours.

Wolf is out doing some tree clean up now. The driveway was covered in branches and a small tree, plus it’s washed out again. Shaun B. is on his way up to let us know how much it’ll cost to get the driveway graded (he usually charges $50) and redone with more crushed rock so we don’t have to keep calling him.

Today I pulled two zucchini from the garden, one spaghetti squash, and the only pepper (oddly, the pepper plants are starting to flower again). The pumpkins are growing and so is the zucchini. The cabbage and tomatoes continue to do well. One bed of cukes (pickling) have been consistently producing, but the other bed has not given me a single cuke, despite having lots of small flowers. The pole beans don’t know what they’re doing: flowering or not. I did get some beans off the bush beans (the beans themselves turned out to be black), but not that many.

Yesterday I made and canned zucchini pickles, Eden’s recipe. They are quite yummy. I made nine big jars and three small ones. I will send one jar to Agnes, and two to Susan (one for her to give to Eden) to share my wealth. I want to pickle the cukes I have, but am out of jars. Today I will be looking at the recipes I chose to see if I can brine some as a way to save the cukes from going bad, but giving me some time to get some more jars.

Eden's Zucchini Pickles

The hawk is back. Someday I’ll put up the recording I made of it/them a couple weeks ago.

The weather has become downright fall-esque. The last 24* have been cool and cloudy, although no rain. Cool enough for a sweater and an extra blanket at night. Sleeping naked is becoming more difficult.

Wolf and I celebrated 5 years of marriage yesterday. Here’s to five more!

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2 Responses to Update

  1. farm mom says:

    Congrats on the garden bounty, the hard work, and the anniversary!! :)

  2. HH says:

    Thanks Farm mom! It’s awesome to eat the veggies I grew; they taste so much better!

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