Weather and Garden

For the last couple weeks the weather has been *perfect.* It’s been warm/hot, no humidity, sunny, bright blue skies.

Overall this summer hasn’t been very hot, muggy, or buggy. It’s been a wonderful summer, but now it’s over. I already posted about the season shift, but now it’s more pronounced: the leaves are starting to turn, something I noticed about ten days ago.

The garden is winding down but still we have zucchini growing. I am waiting for the pumpkins and tomatoes to ripen. The cherry and grape tomatoes have been ripening up fine, but the other ones are just taking forever. They’re green and hard and if not starting to ripen by next weekend, I’m making green salsa with the whole lot.

Jaxsun has perked up a bunch now that the mornings are cooler. He’s getting more energy and wants to be out more, all which is good. Even Harley and Francesca seem pleased with the weather change. Both have been hunting up a storm while Jaxsun smells the tracks left by critters.

It’s fall here in Central New Hampshire. The days are shorter and cooler, Sun lower in the sky. Time to start fall cleaning in preparation for winter.

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One Response to Weather and Garden

  1. farm mom says:

    I’m seeing the same kind of signs here in MI. Not ready for winter though yet, I have to admit. Our winters are cold and extremely windy (I live in a flat, exposed area) so I’m pretty much shut in for months. Ugh!

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