Weather Report

The rain which came the other day lasted for only a brief period of time. The sun returned and it got very hot and humid, I think we broke some heat records for this time of year, but now it’s getting to be fall like weather again. It’s cooling off yet still very sunny and warm during the day.

The leaves have been turning since August, but now it’s really pronounced. This is not going to be a good leaf peeping season because it’s just too dry. The other day I was on Route 9 heading out to Keene and saw a riverbed completely dry. Not good.

The stream which runs near our well has been dry for months. I went down the other day and saw just trickles of water and very small pools. I called the town and the state — talked with 7 people over a week period — and was told there is nothing we can do except to monitor it. I have to find out if we have a dug well or an artesian. If the former, we’re screwed; if the latter, we’re still screwed, just not as bad. I have to run down to the town hall later this week to see if I can get a copy of the permits the builder (should’ve) procured from the town and the state. From there I’ll know my next step.

The garden is pretty much done. I have two pumpkins I have to pull out of there, and still a bunch of tomatoes. I also, weirdly, have cucumbers. They are not anywhere near being ripe, so I don’t think I can pick them, so they may be lost to the frost. The cabbage is doing well, but still hasn’t closed up yet (it’s getting there) so I’ll leave that in until the middle of the month.

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2 Responses to Weather Report

  1. farm mom says:

    It’s been the same here. Very warm, and very dry. We were in the 80’s this weekend and broke the record on Sat. If we don’t get much precipitation this winter, I hate to think about what next year will be like.

  2. HH says:

    It’s scary dry here. I really hope we get a lot of snow (gawd, I can’t believe I just said that) so we can have some sort of crop next year.

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