I Was Wrong

Yesterday I said I wasn’t sure it would rain, depsite the low clouds and dampness. I was wrong. It did rain. Enough so the well stream filled back up with water and is now running appropriately.

I thought winter would be behind the clouds, but today it’s warm like it was yesterday. I even see lots of blue Sky out there. I don’t know if it’ll stay blue or if it’ll cloud over again. Either will please me as I love sunny days and we still desperately need the rain.

As I passed the Christmas trees planted along the side of the road as I walked Jaxsun this morning, their heady scent filled my nose. Such a beautiful smell, rain and fir tree. Another indication winter is on his way.

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2 Responses to I Was Wrong

  1. Christy O says:

    I got the seed exchange envelope today! Lots of good stuff. Is the envelope going to go around a second time so I can see what the others put in it? I know Angie said she had some seeds she was going to put in specifically for me but she is last on the list.

    Thanks for getting this going!


  2. HH says:

    The seeds can go round and round, where it stops, no one will know!

    Thanks for participating!

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