I was going to take the comments off moderation but I found 162 spams waiting to be posted so I decided to leave the comment settings as they are.

If you want to get in touch with me, or make a comment which I will upload, email me at h0wlinghill (at) yahoo.

How is the seed exchange going?

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2 Responses to Comments

  1. Phelan says:

    also, were you really willing to write for a magizine if I created one?
    I have had many emails, responses and other blog mentions about
    creating one. I think it might be a good idea. If you don’t like something
    change it…right? I wouldn’t be able to pay you, at least not in the
    beginning, but later on, if this works, I will.

    It wouldn’t happen until the new year. What I would like to do is have
    4 cat. of writers the neophyte, the apprentice, the journeyman and the
    archievest on every subject.what say you?


  2. HH says:

    Phelan: yes, I am willing to write for it.

    I think waiting until the new year is a good idea. Also, I like the four catagories you’ve suggested. I think I would fall into the grey area between neophyte and apprentice, closer to neophyte.

    Keep me posted!

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