First Snow

We got a first snow today. I was thinking it would be a dusting but we got about 2 inches out there.

first snow nov

This was when it first started this morning. It’s done now, thankfully.

A couple weeks ago Wolf said “holy fucking shit. Come out there with your camera.”

bees nest nov 2007 copy
It’s about 10 feet from our back door. He said he’ll remove it in the dead of winter. My question is: how did this get built without us noticing?
turkey nov 2007
From a couple weeks ago. I only saw this one but Wolf and Jaxsun saw a bunch more. Jaxsun almost ripped Wolf’s arm out of his socket trying to chase the turkeys.

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One Response to First Snow

  1. peppylady says:

    Happy Thanksgiving.
    It real cold in North Idaho now and there calling for snow this up coming weekend.

    I wonder how wasp builds there nest like that hidden so well. One time when my boys was young they sold paper wasp nest. If I recall some where in Asia they make some type of medicine.

    We actual have quite a few Turkey around here.

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