Earlier this year I taught myself how to can. I made lots of Eden’s Zucchini Pickles, (waaaay to) sour pickles, stewed tomatoes, kosher pickles, and spaghetti sauce. I tried to get both a bath canner and a pressure canner off Freecycle a number of times over the summer but was unsuccessful. Beverly was nice enough to give me her bath canner in order to make this process easier (and cheaper).

Today I splurged and bought a pressure canner so I can can soups and stews. Freezing them is all well and great (and will take up space in the freezer chest) but it’s hard to give away frozen soup to people. Canning them makes it so much simpler as far as gift giving goes.

It’ll take a week or so for my handy dandy new pressure canner to come in. I’m very excited!

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