Dear Universe

I’m taking a page out of Kelly’s book and writing a letter to the Universe.

Dear Universe,

For four years I did not get paid for the work I did. I put my nose to the grindstone and got a bachelors degree. I took summer classes. I volunteered to keep myself busy during my off time. But now it’s time to be paid for the work I do.

I very much enjoy the small job you put in my path but it’s going to end in a few weeks. It’s been fun following the candidates, being able to see them with my own eyes, feel their emotions with my body, shake their hands. But 15 hours a week does not feed me and Wolf

This job has been a great stepping stone into the work force after so long a time without paid employment. Now I am ready for a full time job, one which will enable me to be autonomous and financially independent. I know you’ve heard me talk to you about this before, about how important it is to me to end my dependence on someone else for my basic necessities. It’s time for me to be the breadwinner, time for me to take responsibility, time for me to be, well, autonomous and independent.

These are what I’d like in a job:

01. Full time
02. Wage enough to support our household so I can honor my promise to Wolf.
03. My own office, or, at the very least, a space that is not a cubicle.
04. A place where I can wear jeans and a sweatshirt when I feel like it
05. Somewhere that doesn’t require me to have a cellphone
06. A progressive organization
07. A job which allows me to be outside the office on occasion so I don’t crawl the walls
08. Somewhere where I can work from home on occasion
09. A boss who is fair, consistent, and acknowledges my hard work, dedication, and sacrifice
10. A boss who respects my economic class
11. The ability to move upward in my job, possibly to an ED position
12. A job with consistent funding so that I will not be laid off or terrified my funding will be cut and I’ll be out on the street again.

I don’t think these are a lot to ask Dear Universe. Please heed my call.

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