Vanishing Bees

There’s a documentary out about the vanishing bees.

Click here to see the scariest trailer ever made. I’m not sure I”ll be able to watch the film when it comes out. Unbelievably scary.

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3 Responses to Vanishing Bees

  1. Erikka says:

    i’ve heard about this problem for a few years now…I feel so helpless when I do. What can I as a consumer do beyond trying to buy local, organic food? I want to be a farmer some day…will that help the bees? Will it be soon enough?

  2. HH says:

    Erikka: Those are all great questions. Let me know if you get any answers.

  3. Erikka says:

    From watching this clip, I couldn’t tell if it was just affecting commericially raised bees or even small farmed bees. I asked the farmer I worked with and he said a lot of his bees died last winter too…what do we do?! i’m in the midst of talking with him about it…but really, what do we do?

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