Patience is a Virtue

It’s well known in my circle that I lack patience. And not just a little bit lacking, majorly lacking. I get irritated and bitchy when I have to wait. Actually, I get very anxious when I have to wait. Honestly, I have no idea why. I’ve always been this way when it comes to having to wait. Because of this impatience, I like to be prepared. I make the time to prepare myself, to make sure I’m ready and I’m usually early to events.

There are a few things I’m willing to wait for though. Giving time to the Deities to journey from where ever they are to where I am is important to me in ritual so when calling the each Deity, I give pause before calling the next. Admittedly, I probably don’t give enough of a pause but I do. And I think ritual writers should incorporate pauses into ritual to give the Deities time to journey from far away to here, wherever “here” may be.

Last night I wrote this in my journal:

The Universe is a big place, so big I can’t comprehend it. It’s big enough that it may take some time for a Deity to get to where we are, it it may take some time before our worship calls are heard. We need to give the Deities an opportunity to get to us/us to them.

It makes sense, I think. I mean, if I was to call someone living in North Carolina and ask them to come visit, it would take a bit before they made it to the Northeast. It’s the same if a Deity is out by Pluto (still a planet as far as I’m concerned, thank you very much!): it’ll take time for that entity to get to Earth coming from Pluto. Even if they have triple warp speed. So we should give pause, take a full minute or two of silence before we call on the next Deity.

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