So last night Wolf and I sat down to watch Stardust. It wasn’t too bad. It was pretty predictable: good overcomes evil, three (evil) witches (seeking eternal youth), female captive falls for male captor, male hero becomes kings, everyone skinny and pretty, and mostly blond, blah, blah, blah.

Probably not the best review, but I did like it. It was really cute.

Prior to Stardust I watched Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring, which was fantastic. The scenery is *beautiful* to say the least, the story was good, although confusing at the end, and it gave me an idea.

I’ve never seriously written fiction before. I’ve done it for writing classes I’ve taken over the years, but I don’t read fiction (often anyways) so I’ve never had a desire to write it. But I’m beginning to get an inkling for it. I started outlining a story on paper, just coming up with the basics.

When I was in my teens and early twenties, I tried writing stories — both fiction and non — but couldn’t figure out how to start them much less what the meat of the story would be. After putting much thought into it over the last few months, I’ve decided the best way for me to start is to come up with the end then work backwards. But the story I was starting to form while watching Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring, and then when I watched Stardust, doesn’t have an ending. It doesn’t have a beginning. It doesn’t have a name.

I decided the first step is for me to research the historical basis for the characters, of which there will be four. Or really, one character as seen at four different stages of her life: as a baby, maiden, mother, and crone and each stage of her life will be represented metaphorically through a season. Fall for baby, Spring for Maiden, Summer for mother, and Winter for Crone. That is, this baby will be born in the fall, in the Spring she will be a Maiden, in the Summer she will be pregnant, Fall she will give birth, and Winter she will be a Crone. She will cycle the same as Mother Earth.

Maybe I just gave too much away, but that’s what I have so far.

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