Who are your heroines and why?

I wrote in my last post about my latest girl crush on Judith Helfand, but what I didn’t say is why: She’s creating an entirely new genre of documentary by skillfully bringing humor into very scary subjects to promote a planet free of toxins. Her brilliance is evident in the way she weaves her personal story into each of her films and explains why we all need to pay attention to the chemicals on our planet and how such chemicals negatively impact everything around us.

She’s also fearless. In the three movies she’s done, she bares her soul for everyone to see and she has no qualms (seemingly anyways) about gallivanting all over the world to promote her agenda. She speaks to people and listens to what they respond to her.

Someday I’d like to meet her. If Judith comes back to New Hampshire — and I hope she does! — she has a place at my table.

I’m also in awe of Jennifer Saunders. Another woman who has the incredible gift of making us laugh. I love the way she crafted Eddie and Patsy in Ab Fab: an all female cast who “do” physical humor so well and manage to make fun of pop culture without being pretentious or fake.

Tell us about your heroines. I tag Kelly, Turtleheart, and Heather. Please tag three people.

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