White Establishment

Hillary Clinton and John McCain won New Hampshire’s primary last night and all I could think of was this picture.


Taken as President Bush signed in the “Partial Birth Abortion” Ban bill in 2003, these white men signed away our right to terminate an unhealthy pregnancy, one which might end the life of the woman who is pregnant.

The white establishment has won the New Hampshire primary election after election but this is the first time a woman has won a primary. Hillary Clinton, a second wave feminist, has made great strides for women by winning the New Hampshire Primary. She’s put a large hole in the glass ceiling. I congratulate her for her win and wish her all the success in the world.

However, I won’t vote for her come November. You see, I can’t bring myself to vote for the white establishment and that’s what Clinton represents. I can imagine her standing standing in the picture above, despite her pro-choice stance, after she bargained away our reproductive rights for some political compromise. You see, I just don’t trust her. She’s a power-mongering corporate Democrat. And that’s not the type of person I want running our country.

I had the opportunity to see the candidates as they visited New Hampshire, with a few exceptions (Gravel, Dodd, Thompson), and I have to admit, I’m not sure I could vote if I lived in another state (how did I survive all these voting years in Massachusetts?). After all, how well do voters get to know the candidates? Not very. Here in New Hampshire I get to shake their hands, look into their eyes, feel their energy. I saw Clinton many times and what I found was she is the ultimate question dodger and she’s more concerned with maintaining the status quo than she is in change*, in leveling the playing field for all Statesians, Americans, and world residents.

Asked about nuclear abolition, she’s not for it. Edwards is for complete nuclear abolition. Obama is on the fence but he does like nuclear power and takes money for nuclear power plants. Kuchinich is totally opposed. Romney, McCain, Guiliani, and Huckabee all support the increase and upgrade of the 10,000 nuclear weapons we already have and for building new nuclear power plants. Paul supports reduction of our stockpiles but not elimination of all.

Asked about the War in Iraq and she’s, seemingly, pretty content to leave our troops to occupy a foreign nation, build military bases, and the largest embassy in the world at a price of half-billion dollars of US tax money. Obama will withdraw troops slowly, Edwards, Kuchinich, and Paul want them home immediately (although Edwards wants to keep the embassy). Guiliani, Romney, and McCain are all for the War.

Torture is about the only place she and I agree on: that is, it shouldn’t exist. Paul, McCain, Edwards, Kuchinich, and Obama agree, however, Guiliani and Romney are for it. Edwards, McCain, and Kuchinich have said they will close Guantanamo.

She supports the Iraq War, voted for the Patriot Act and won’t take the nuclear option “off the table” regarding Iran.

How can I vote for a woman who claims to respect our choices, who says “it’s my responsibility to listen” when she doesn’t practice what she preaches? Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased I will see the first female president in the US (it’s my prediction she’ll get the Democratic nomination) during my lifetime. But I don’t want our first woman president to be Hillary Clinton — or Nancy Pelosi for that matter. Cynthia McKinney may be a good choice but I don’t know enough about her to make that call. But she’s someone worth keeping an eye on. — because like I said, I don’t trust her. She’s too shrewed and manicured. She’s too well glossed over. She’s not real enough for me. She’s too, well, White Male-esque.

We’ll see how the election turns out in November.

*Not an endorsement for Obama. I don’t think he represents change either.

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