freecycle jars 2007

200 jars from Freecycle last summer.

I was orgasmic when I got them!

So we’ve been noticing the glass lids are chipped. Once chipped the lids can’t be used anymore. I couldn’t figure out why this kept happening and then I had one of those epiphinal moments* when I realized I was causing the chips. You see, I got such great seals the only way to get the lids off is to stick a butter knife between the lid and the rubber ring and pry it open. Obviously I can’t do this anymore. So the question becomes how do I get the lids off? Suggestions?

*It was really a “duh” moment but lets just call it an epiphany, ok?

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3 Responses to Lids

  1. peppylady says:

    I would try socking them in hot water or if that don’t work try spraying the lid were they are stuck to a jar with wd 40 or same type of product.

    My last suggestion would be prying them off. A brain storm poke a hole in the jar and it sure to release from the jar.

    Once the jar are cracked or chip there no good for canning but I bet you could fine other uses for them.
    Plus lids are meant to be use one time.

  2. Erikka says:

    How is the canning working for you? Is it getting easier? Did you get the lids off?

  3. HH says:

    Peppy: Thanks for the advice. I hadn’t thought of any of those suggestions.

    The chipped lids I”m throwing into the recycle bin but the jars I’m keeping and using as drinking glasses.

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