We’ve decided to put the trailer on the market. I don’t think we’ll sell for at least a year or two, which is fine. It gives us time to save some money for a down payment. Wolf said he’s going to get a second job after he heals from his surgery to help propel us into a better house.

I start my new job on Feb 4 which will help our financial situation. I know we should wait to move until we get my student loans “under control” (whatever that means. I didn’t way to say “paid off” because that’ll take at least a decade. And I’m not staying here that long.) but I can’t take another winter with this driveway. Obviously I’ll have to cope but if I know we’re taking steps to getting us into a house I can hack the driveway.

Still on the list is to buy land and build, but I don’t think we’ll come up with the money for something like that. Not unless $2 million falls out of the sky.

We looked at a house up on the mountain. It has a wonderful living room and kitchen but the three bedrooms are minuscule and there’s no basement, nor an attic, so no storage space. The yard is awesome as is the land attached to it (4 acres) but it being so far up the mountain we’re not sure where it is on the town’s priority list regarding plowing the road. And, as I said, it felt too cramped. The whole point of moving out of the trailer is to get into a house with space.

Another house we looked at was in town. It’s a *beautiful* 1906 New Englander. It so reminded me of Nana’s and Aunt Nancy’s. I was in love with the house immediately. However, it’s too much house for us. It has four bedrooms, all small but the master, with an attic and basement. It’s on a small plot with some open area and some wooded. It’s too much money for us though. And, like I said, it’s a little too big. The heating costs alone will kill us.

Since we’re in no rush to move we can be choosy. And we’re going to be. When we bought this place it was the only place we could afford. I don’t want to do that again and neither does Wolf. I asked him to make a list of “non-negotiable” requirements. On his list is

  • Minimum 1200 square feet (not including basement or attic)
  • Minimum 1/2 acre
  • Attic or basement or third floor
  • Newer home or an old one in fantastic condition
  • My list look similar

  • Minimum 1200 square feet (not including basement or attic)
  • Minimum 1 acre
  • Basement
  • Space for woodstove if there isn’t one already
  • South facing with good sunlight for gardening
  • We plan on staying here in town because we like it here. Wolf’s on the fire department and I like the quietness of the town. Besides, it’s between our jobs: Wolf an hour south and me an hour north.

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    3 Responses to Selling

    1. Turtleheart says:

      We have about 1600 sq. ft., but that includes the basement (which is finished). On less than 1/3 of an acre– and ours is considered a “big” yard compared to what you get when you buy a newly built house.

      And, we actually have a mature tree! That’s a big plus around here, too.

      Good luck with house hunting!

    2. Howling Hill says:

      Thanks Turtle. We’re going to need it.

      We’re looking at all kinds of property: town and mountain. That is, looking for something either in town or on the mountain (which doesn’t have a name). We’re looking at houses and land. Hopefully something will come along that suits our needs.

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