The market being as sucky as it is means if we put the trailer on the market now, we have to ask for less than what we paid for it. That is not an enticing idea and I told this to the real estate agent. She was, however, very honest with us which I totally appreciate. First she said this is a good time to “upgrade.” While we may not get a lot for our trailer, we will get a lot for the money we’ll spend for a house. That is, because the market is so crappy, we can get a better deal for the size house we want. Second she told us what needs to be done to make our trailer more sellable.

First, and we knew this already, we need to clean a few things up: put the trim on the windows, re-grout the tub, fix the hole in the wall, etc. We’ve decided to do even more. We’re going to paint the whole interior of the house, one color to keep it cheap and easy, and we’re going to start to de-clutter. This is one thing she was insistent upon. While our house isn’t messy or stinky, it’s jammed full of stuff. So starting today, I’m taking things off the walls and putting some into storage and some onto Freecycle.

And so begins another great purge.

De-cluttering the house is vitally important. We have so much in here the trailer looks smaller than it is. Not only am I going to purge decorations, we’re also going to get rid of our recliners and move the futon so it’s our primary sitting place. Wolf said he’s going to weed through his tools and put into storage what he doesn’t use on a regular basis. And we’ll start to pack up our books and bookcases to bring to storage to de-clutter the computer room. The kitchen will also need some purging. Honestly, I’m not sure what else I can get rid of, but the big pots and pans and such can at least go into the shed, I’ll just have to put them high up so the mice can’t get into them.

Also, we’re putting in a cat door. To do so we have to replace the front steps but that’s not a big deal. They’ve needed to be replaced anyways (along with the back steps) but we can’t do the front steps until Spring. You see, there’s an azalea bush which needs to be pulled up. This can’t be done until the ground thaws and soggy with rain. Azaleas root all over the place so pulling them up isn’t easy. The ground needs to be soft and wet to do so.

The reason for the cat door is Wolf wants to get a second job once he heals from the surgery. This is fine and dandy since The Pooch will be coming to work with me (a perk of my new job. He just has to pass a doggy test. I’ll help him study!) so neither of us has to rush home to walk him. By staying out of the house longer, the cats will not be able to get in and out so we’re putting in a cat door so they can come and go as they please.

This is the first step on the journey to the house we want. We’ve decided to look for land to build a house on. We hope to find land this year and put a down payment on it. Then, next year at this time, we’ll put the trailer on the market for whatever the real estate agent thinks we can get for it–I just hope it’s for at least what we paid for it–once on the market, we’ll start to build.

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3 Responses to Preparing

  1. peppylady says:

    Where are you guy planning to move to?

  2. HH says:

    We’ll stay in the town we live in now. We really like it here.

  3. farm mom says:

    Wow! Look likes big changes ahead for you. Cannot wait to hear about your adventures!! :)

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