Last 60 Days

The last sixty days I’ve been very down. Now, I’m heading up. Not because my mood has changed but because I’ve made up my mind to move past the sadness.

Sorry if this blog hasn’t been very interesting lately, if I’ve been a bore. I will continue to focus on the good, on the positive, on the up and up and not on the other stuff.

First, as I mentioned in the last post I’m going to learn to knit. And I want to learn to quilt. One thing at a time, though, so knitting first. I decided on what I think is easy pattern: Hufflepuff scarf (because I’m a Hufflepuff). Tonight, though, Kim and I will be starting off with something else, I’m not sure what she has planned.

Second, Wolf and I are going to start running. EVEN IF IT KILLS ME. Since I like to prepare for things, I have a date in mind for my first run: March 15. I figure a Saturday is a good day to start. (That’s assuming, of course, all this damned snow has melted by then, or is at least melting.)

Third, I’m not picking a third. I tend to overwhelm myself so I’m not going to do so this time. I’m going to learn from my mistakes. So I guess that is third.

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