Snow Has Fallen

Blanketing our Mother with white fluffy snow, I wonder if Spring will ever come. On top the 4+ feet we already have, another foot fell from the sky last night. And still more is to come.

I read posts filled with spring and I wonder when I will be able to flower watch.

My hands beg for earth, my soul screams for gardening. This has been a long, long snowy winter here in New Hampshire. One of the snowiest according to locals (I’m not a local yet. I’m not sure how long one must live in NH to be a local, but at 6 years, I’m not anywhere near being a local). Certainly it’s great for those whose jobs rely on snow — especially after last year when we barely had any snow and the winter economy took a major hit — but for the rest of us, we’ve had enough. We’re crying “uncle”. We want spring. Warm air. Ground. Dirt. No snow. Plants shooting upwards. Fingers in dirt. Skin naked, receiving Sun’s kiss.

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