Tomatoes and Squash

Today I planted three different types of squash and a bunch of tomatoes. I can’t do anymore planting until I get more containers. But, oh!, does it feel good to have my hands in some soil.

The weather has turned warmer. It’s raining out so I’m hoping it’ll wash this damnable snow away.


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2 Responses to Tomatoes and Squash

  1. erikka says:

    Where do you get the soil you use for potting?

  2. HH says:

    Normally we get it from a place in Concord — I don’t know the name of it. Wolf found it on his way to work. Said place sells ‘organic” soil with manure already in it.

    For seedling purposes, however, I got a bag of potting soil at Agway. I got the Agway brand actually. I just hope there’s nothing yucky in there. Potting soil isn’t the best for seedlings but it’s what’s available.

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