Enter Witty Title Here

Despite the fact it still looks like this
Harley march 2008

I went ahead and started some seeds.

seeds march 2008

The cucumbers are popping through the soil like there’s no tomorrow! It’s all very, very exciting. Also popping through is one peacevine cherry tomato. Nothing else has sprouted but I’m not particularly surprised. While the seeds are getting light, they’re not getting direct sunlight. It’s still pretty cold in our bedroom because I have to keep the door closed from a certain kitten who will remain nameless, *cough* Francesca *cough*, and it wasn’t until then I realized how much ambient heat our bedroom gets. If she’d just go out for a little while I’d be able to leave the door open. But she doesn’t like having cold paws.

On a completely unrelated note, I went down to Old Hill last weekend to watch some dogsledding. While it was enjoyable, it was the day after Jaxsun died so I didn’t stay long. Long enough, however, to get this cute pic:

dogsledding march 2008


Friday Ark and Carnival of the Cats

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4 Responses to Enter Witty Title Here

  1. Allie says:

    I love how you used a drying rack to hold your seed flats. I need to get my seeds started soon.

    I’ve always wanted to see dog sledding in person. What a cool picture!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Allie: not as stable as you think. Wolf and I are just waiting for it to collapse. He’s supposed to make new ones but the wood is buried all the f’n snow.

    Dogsledding is fun to watch, although not nearly as fun as doing! Check this page out for races.. We know a bunch of people — whom we met through a Patriot Rescue — who breed and race dogs.

    Two things the picture doesn’t express: the noise and the smell. The dogs are very hyped up, thus vocal. It’s really a cacophony.

    The smell can also be bad. Especially if some are in season. The urine can be overwhelming.

    But the excitement of the race propels you past the unpleasantness. If you ever have the chance to ride on a sled, take it. It’s loads of fun!

    Peppy: I still have more seeds to plant. I have to run to Agway and pick up some more starter trays and soil. Hopefully they’ll have something besides potting soil.

    The cukes are doing awesome and I’ve seen some positive growth in a couple of the tomatoes.

    Yea, we have a shitload of snow. It is melting, though. The days have been longer and brighter. When Sun shines down he’s warm and penetrating, however Air just doesn’t want to cooperate. And with daylight saving so early this year, it’s making me *more* anxious to get this snow melted. If I had a blowdryer I’d go out there and just melt it myself, damn the electric use.

    But I don’t own a blowdryer.

  3. peppylady says:

    I haven’t start any seed two of my flower bed is uncovered and my third one the rocks are starting to show though.
    You got a great picture of the sleigh dogs.
    Look like you still have more snow then we do.

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