Rose Advice


Last summer I was commenting on what beautiful a rosebush my mother in law Agnes has in front of her home. She told me it was her grandmother Calogera’s rosebush. After Calogera died, Francesca’s (her daughter) moved the rosebush to her house, which happened to be next door. Agnes raised her children in the house she grew up in. Francesca lived downstairs and Agnes and her brood lived upstairs. Thus, this rosebush has been a part of Wolfs life for all his life, all his mother’s and all his grandmother’s. That’s a long time for a rosebush.

Agnes offered me a cutting from the rosebush which I accepted with gratitude. I did say, however, I wanted to wait until the spring to bring a cutting up to be transplanted here (she offered in the late summer). So here’s where I need the advice

1. When should I make a cutting?
2. Where on the plant should I make the cutting?
3. How do I root it?
4. Any other helpful advice?

I’ve never had a rosebush before and I know how delicate they can be. And since it’s a family heirloom I don’t want to screw it up. Wolf’s been looking forward to having some of this rosebush since I brought it up.

That’s not the bush, btw. But it sorta looks like the one pictured.

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