10 Signs of Spring

Despite four feet of snow still on the ground, there are distinct signs of spring.

  1. Harley has been making his rounds.
  2. Francesca is actually asking to go outside on occasion.
  3. The birds are chirping.
  4. Sun is bright and warm.
  5. Snow is melting. I see little rivets of water running through the ice and snow all the time.
  6. I can open the front door again.
  7. I’m getting pretty randy.
  8. Wolf is getting pretty randy.
  9. The roads are posted.
  10. I have seen the ground! I’ve squished mud!

I’m hoping the snow will be melted by mid-April. I really want to get my garden ready and having snow this late in the year is putting is putting me back by a week or two already. The growing season is so short here we can’t really afford to lose a week or two.

Usually by this time of the year I’m outside naked turning soil, raking, and playing in warm Sun. There’s a particular ritual I do this time of the year The Winds of March but haven’t been able to do so because there is no where to stand outside where there isn’t 4 inches of ice, unless, of course, it gets really warm this weekend and the driveway finishes melting.

But she’s coming, I can feel her.

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