Merging, Moving, and Deleting

In the next few days I’ll be merging my three blogs together.

At first the reason I had three blogs was because…well, I was nervous about people seeing me as a whole. That is, I didn’t want to offend any of my readers with my views so I thought if I separated my gardening, my thoughts, and my spirituality it would be ok. But it’s not. I feel fractured and discombobulated; scattered. I don’t feel holistic at all. I feel compartmentalized. And while exposing myself is really, really scary, I just can’t continue to pull myself apart in the manner in which I have been so I’m going to merge the three together.

Since Howling Hill is the blog I’ve been writing the longest I’m keeping it and deleting both Tangled Webs and Pensieve. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to do the merge. Wolf did it the last time so maybe I can convince him to do it again.

Anyways, I hope to get this done over the weekend. Continue to check here as I will be posting, just keep in mind I’m moving.

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